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Isaiah 40:26-27 

I just wanted to illustrate this, because it hit home to me this morning during my quiet time. Beloved, if God takes care of the stars, and makes sure that they’re in order, how much more does He make efforts to care for us, who are His children? Sometimes we think that God doesn’t know what we’re going through, or He doesn’t care, but whenever that happens, just look up the sky. If you know that the stars haven’t started falling, and the sun hasn’t stopped shining, then you can be confident that God is still for you, and He loves you.

He loves you more than stars or any other thing that He created. He sent His Son to die for you, beloved. He does know you’re troubles, and He does know what you need. You can trust Him. He loves you and cares for you more than you know and think. Let’s not doubt the One who keeps the Universe in order, and promises to always be there for us.

Beloved, you’re more valuable and precious than the stars, the flowers, and the birds. Always remember that. God will never, ever neglect you.

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It’s like when you’ve been under water for a little too long, and you start to panic because you’re not sure if you’ll make it up to the surface. It begins to go red, and you are frightened, so you kick as hard as you can. Finally, you burst through and you inhale like you’ve never inhaled before, and you know that you’re going to be okay. This is how we must encounter God sometimes, we get into a rut and we are frightened, so we have to kick as hard as we can, but the difference is that Christ dives down to us and pulls us out. We are so alone without Him, and still we think that we can be happy with those who drown next to us. We must reach out, grab that hand and let Christ pull us to a better place. In the times of struggle, don’t hide from God, because He is our only rescue when we most need it; He is our only friend, when we are so alone; He is the one who knows all the pain and struggles we deal with! And still, He dives in, over and over again, rescuing all those who seek to survive.

Jesus is the only person that will heal us, save us, renew us, and ultimately love us. Gaze upon Him, and know that your standing is not based on what you have done, but by what He has done for you. This is the hope that you need, this is the air in your lungs, and this is the gospel that you must preach to yourself when all the world feels on fire.

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DESIGN: The Coffee-Making Alarm Clock

We need this because reasons. This one’s for the coffee drinkers amongst you - British designer Joshua Renouf has come up with a coffee making alarm clock which can wake you up with a fresh cup of joe.

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The Fruits of the Spirit are:

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You’re going to have a mountaintop experience where you see God and you finally know Him for who He is. But what I think church tends to do is make you feel like you’re supposed to be on fire all the time and you should always feel that. It’s not true. When you suddenly get into that valley, that really dark discouraging place, God is saying, ‘In the valley, remember the mountains. Remember when you were there with me. Remember that time you experienced Me and I was so real to you.’

If just that little bit of your mountaintop experience can come into your valley period, that’s what’s going to help you to hold on. That’s what will get you through your very shakeable faith. No one ever told me this in church: but when I read the Bible, I know it’s not supposed to be an everyday rocked-out Christian life. There are days that will be rough, but just those few times in your life: remember how God spoke to you.
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Everything I need is in You Lord.

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This may sound like an “note seeking” post, but I need to post this because I know that I won’t do it without support. The last few days have been tough so I need some motivation to get better again


This may sound like an “note seeking” post, but I need to post this because I know that I won’t do it without support. The last few days have been tough so I need some motivation to get better again

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